Monday, March 19, 2018

Ilian Velasco - I Swim...

We are thrilled to host the Premier of  

I Swim Even When the Water’s Cold  by Ilian Velasco 

Opening Reception March 24th  7-10 pm

With pen in hand and a passion for precision, Ilian Velasco creates delicate abstractions of intricate geometric compositions worthy of prolonged contemplation. Her work invokes serenity of thought coupled with the tension of our improbable quest for idyllic achievements.  Mrs. Velasco illustrates that the shortest path between two points is indeed a straight line and with many lines she weaves an infinate web of labyrinths for our crafty meditation of the meticulous. 

“With these drawings I contemplate the tension between illusive perfection and the luring appeal of discreet imperfection. Mistakes that make my work human contrast with the commonplace unsympathetic renderings by computer programs.  The geometric integration of ink on paper in space invoke illusionary objects of deliberate vulnerability as the work takes ownership of the maker. There is something cumulative and liberating about repetition that compels me to take pause from the mundanities of daily doldrums.”

Special Thanks: Miami Design District - BoxElder Beer - Douglas Hoekzema 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Kiki Valdes Drawing Chronicles

Kiki Valdes
The Drawing Chronicles

Opening Reception; Friday December 1, 2017 6-10pm
Open December 1, 2017 - January 1, 2018

The recent works of Kiki Valdes are a maniacal storm of ink on paper.  The drawings are delicate yet aggressive compositions of comedic abstractions and figurative visions of the artist’s recurring dreams.  Mr. Valdes skillfully appropriates ethereal art history themes of captivating muses, love triangles, social angst and piercing anguish. His ability to convey depth captivates viewers with a unique and powerful sense of emotional engagement. The work leaves us satisfied with our desire for beauty, humor and social relevance. 

Special thanks:
Miami Design District
PBR Miami
LaLlave Coffee

The Sofas Show by Sharif Salem

Swampspace invites you to The Sofa Show by Sharif “Slimting” Salem. Best known for the IG handle, Sofas of Little Havana, Sharif has been photographing discarded furniture as a chronicler in the greater interest of ethereal materialism that includes others such as Ad├ín Hernandez aka @ataritacos in Anchorage, Alaska. Together, their quirky visions of our cast away sofas are a sober reminder of our fleeting comfort and temporariness of art in a spinning cycle of usage and abandonment.

Special Thanks to our Partners:
Miami Design District
Pabst Blue Ribbon Miami

Monday, March 20, 2017

Face Value by Pocket of Lollipops

Swampspace presents:
by Pocket of Lollipops
A night of art, music, dance and networking.

Pass the tongue, move ones feet, be all eyes felt with fingertips, it’s all in the face. Tilt your head backwards.

Opens April 1, 2016 8pm

Friday, February 10, 2017

Courtship & Confections

Inspired by the mystique of love, Swampspace is thrilled to present: 

"Kissing is like drinking sea water.  You drink, and your thirst increases" Confucius.

Opening Reception February 18th 7-11pm

Art, Sculpture, New Media and much more.

Special Bonus: 
the KISSING BOOTH REDUX featuring surprise guests.

Kissing Booths were light spirited attractions at carnivals and fairs of days gone by.  On the surface these attractions were used to tantalize and loosen our pockets.  They are sentimental relics with an enduring practical purpose.  Reviving their benevolent tradition, the Kissing Booth fundraiser benefits the interns from Design and Architecture Senior High school.  

For Valentines Day we find ourselves at the crossroads of emotions; at the junction of contentedness and despair.   

"People who throw kisses are mighty hopelessly lazy" Bob Hope.

The intimacy of a kiss is happiness.

Special Thanks to:
Miami Design District
PBR Miami
HealthGate Fresh Miami


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